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by Raquel Eatmon in Raquel
We don't think the same so why should our leadership styles be the same? It took me a while to figure it out. Early in my career as a television news broadcaster I felt pressure to fit into a box, follow the leader instead of find the leader…within myself. Perhaps some pressure was self-imposed, either way the problem was riding me and I would la... Read More
by Bob Klonk in Leadership
One my favorite quotes is by Jim Tressel (the former OSU football coach turned college president): “On your best days, be great. On your worst days, be good. Every other day – get better!” This is the same approach that I recommend for all those seeking leadership positions within our organization and for any community which they serve: be the best you can possibly be, day-in and day-out, and st... Read More
by Laima Rastikis in Entrepreneurs
When people adopt a rescue dog, there s always a lot of uncertainty about how the relationship will progress. Without the benefit of knowing what the dog has experienced in his lifetime, adopters are left to guess and fill in the blanks around what they do know. When my daughter, Stephanie, adopted six-month-old Harry, an adorable Poodle-Bichon-Frise mix, she knew that he had lived with his domi... Read More
by Dr. Fatima Fahs in Wellness
A couple of weeks ago, I faced another unfortunate, racist interaction with a patient I was trying to treat. I got in my car that day, still parked in the hospital lot, called my mom and cried. I cried my eyes out. I could hear the pain in her voice as she coaxed and comforted me, promising me that for all the horrible patient encounters I ve had--plenty more appreciative, future patients were st... Read More
by Maria Johnson in Leadership
Have you had the good fortune to have someone invest in your professional growth-  someone whom, looking back, you realize helped bring you to where you are today? Or, maybe you've never had a mentor and have had to figure it out all on your own?   What about today?  Do you want to make a difference in someone else's career? Are you wondering how to connect with others?  I've been there and here... Read More
by Meghan McCarthy in Wellness
Do you remember the days where you could sit idly over a meal for hours on end, sipping a second glass of Chardonnay and bantering whimsically with your partner of choice, while the last rays of the setting summer sun grace your nearly empty plates? Yeah, me neither, although I sure wouldn t mind engaging in that fantasy. To be completely honest, these days I dream about this more than fifty sha... Read More
by Christin Miller in Leadership
There a few absolutes that my mother has instilled in me from the beginning: Success is when preparation meets opportunity. You can do and be anything that you set your mind to. Character is something that you give yourself. While I think that #blessed is overused on social media as a way for people to humbly brag about themselves, I can't ignore the fact that I am truly blessed with pare... Read More

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by Irene Dickey in Leadership,Spotlight
There are a lot of definitions of content marketing and how it works, but I think my favorite is from Hubspot (a great digital marketing resource!): “Content marketing is a marketing program that centers on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience — usually online — the goal of which is to attract new customers. The most common components of a content marketing pro... Read More
by Raquel Eatmon in Spotlight
Raquel Eatmon It's strange, really: You know you're not the same, nor are the circumstances, but you resist it anyway because it's out of the norm, a bit uncomfortable but mostly tough. Starting anew, starting again or starting over -- however you choose to spew it -- can be daunting and definitely overwhelming. But it is a necessity if we want to contribute our talents and abilities to the wo... Read More

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