Month: February 2017

10 Women Discuss Race and Acceptance (and Moving On)

By Raquel Eatmon
February 09, 2017 Category: General

Im not ashamed of who I amnow. But there surely was a time when I lacked confidence in being black. There was a time when being called black or the n-word left a long-standing stain on my esteem and childhood pride. There were many instances stemming from being an 8-year-old at an all-white Catholic school, where the kids called my skin color dirty. Then there were the many times in the classroom where kids lost pencils or markers and I was the one paddled for stealing them only to discover thatthe kids usually found the items later on a bus or in their parents car. Never an apology from school officials. Never. I couldnt identify any other reason for the foul treatment I experienced besides the color of my skin. Then there were the other incidents that alleviated the guesswork. Like the time I was walking on campus at Akron University with a white friend and a car carrying three white boys sped by. One tossed rocks at me while another screamed, Go home you dumb nigger! It hurt, both

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