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10 Women Discuss Race and Acceptance (and Moving On)

By Raquel Eatmon
February 09, 2017 Category: General

Im not ashamed of who I amnow. But there surely was a time when I lacked confidence in being black. There was a time when being called black or the n-word left a long-standing stain on my esteem and childhood pride. There were many instances stemming from being an 8-year-old at an all-white Catholic school, where the kids called my skin color dirty. Then there were the many times in the classroom where kids lost pencils or markers and I was the one paddled for stealing them only to discover thatthe kids usually found the items later on a bus or in their parents car. Never an apology from school officials. Never. I couldnt identify any other reason for the foul treatment I experienced besides the color of my skin. Then there were the other incidents that alleviated the guesswork. Like the time I was walking on campus at Akron University with a white friend and a car carrying three white boys sped by. One tossed rocks at me while another screamed, Go home you dumb nigger! It hurt, both

Project Heard: Your Voice, Our Forum

By Raquel Eatmon
September 08, 2016 Category: General

Were all trying to get there: professional success and personal happiness. We all want a piece of that pie. Our experiences, backgrounds, societal perceptions, education, etc., all have a way of shaping our belief system and therefore our outcome. One voice doesnt bring resolve to everyone. We need a mixture. Today, you have a mixture. Today we have a forum for every achieving woman. Welcome to the Project Heard community! Im excited that youre here. I hope that you will subscribe, tells friends about us, and help us expand our efforts to women all over the world. Project Heard is an interactive NewsINFLUENCER website that informs and promotes women. Its a digital magazine for achieving women. Multi-stage professionals are checking in to explore, learn, connect, and share valuable information for career advancement and lifestyle awesomeness. I wanted to build a resource that helps women not only chart success but helps us all prioritize our needs and pinpoint next moves in the professional

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