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Loving and Leading: Why You Should Bring More Love into the Workplace

By Raquel Eatmon
February 07, 2018 Category: Raquel

To handle yourself, use your head: To handle others use your heart. ~Eleanor Roosevelt We arecelebrating Valentines Day and love is in the air, or at least it should be. I know, it might seem awkward to talk about love and leadership but hear me out. Love, as most of us know it, is an expression we reserve for family (this includes our beloved pets) and friends. We excitedly embrace the warm and fuzzy feelings these people bring. Why cant we stir up warm emotions for our team and clients? Why wouldnt we want them to feel that same kinship for us? There are degrees of love. You can love one person more than others, you can experience romantic love or feel love for humanity- we all have so much love to give. A humanitarian love in the workplace can influence your leadership. It fosters compassion, integrity, empathy and a host of other healthy emotions. When your colleague feel a sense of love from you or a supervisor, she/he is more likely to transport caring feelings to others on the

Communicating Through Our Differences with Intention

By Raquel Eatmon
September 07, 2017 Category: Raquel

Healthcare, DADCA, nuclear war, taxes, hurricanes, flooding, childcare, human trafficking, job stability, aging parents, opioid crisis and the list goes on. Were up against a bolder that doesnt seem to be moving out of the way anytime soon. There are a lot of mixed feelings in our political climate and as it turns out, in some of our social circles and at the dinner tables. The emotions range from fear and anger to bliss and joyfulness. Its a drastic difference. With or without intention, the new administration has deepened the groove in an already divisive country. Were all pointing the finger in blame. Were passionate about our beliefs and values. Some people believe that their view point is the cure-all, be-all. All of it has spread a nasty virus through our tight office spaces, and communities. Some family members havent spoken to one another since the election. Yes, seriously. People are so heavily vested that relationships have soured over the debate. Beyond the blame, beyond

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