Month: February 2017

How to Write an Engaging and Professional Bio that Prospects will Read (and Remember)

By Laima Rastikis
February 09, 2017 Category: Entrepreneurs

When people adopt a rescue dog, theres always a lot of uncertainty about how the relationship will progress. Without the benefit of knowing what the dog has experienced in his lifetime, adopters are left to guess and fill in the blanks around what they do know. When my daughter, Stephanie, adopted six-month-old Harry, an adorable Poodle-Bichon-Frise mix, she knew that he had lived with his dominant brother. He was surrendered by a couple who were going through a divorce. They had three small children, and the mom was also going through nursing training full time. And that was it. We could only imagine what Harrys first six months of life had been like. So, together with Stephanie, we spent the first several months getting to know about him, his habits, his likes and dislikes, and his idiosyncrasies. He shied away from larger people. He became sad when he had to go in his crate. He would toss his toys and then run to get them. He dumped the food out of his bowl and only then would eat

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