From Fitness to Flight

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From Fitness to Flying

By Ann Ruby
August 29, 2016 Category: General

I always had a traditional outlook on life; graduate high school, go to college, graduate college, get a job, get married, buy a house, and have kids. I did everything the way I was supposed to. I graduated from Vermilion High School, went to BGSU, graduated with a 4 year degree in Exercise Science, had a great job at the best gym in downtown Cleveland, had an amazing fianc, was planning our wedding, in process of purchasing our first home, and talking about having kids in the next few years. I was en route to the American Dream! I had completed the motions and the desires that was my idea of the traditional way. Everything in my life was lined up how I perfectly pictured it in my head, but yet I was still not satisfied. I couldnt help but wonder if this normal was to be feeling this way or if I was just different? I could feel myself changing as a person. Suddenly my outlook on life changed, my goals changed, my dreams changed and I changed. My head was full of what seemed to be different

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