Author: Rebecca Bar-Shain

Enhancing Your Financial Power

By Rebecca Bar-Shain
August 29, 2016 Category: General

Do you celebrate the money you earn? Or do you discount it by saying that was lucky. Women often have an unhealthy relationship with money. We are more inclined to feel stressed, uncomfortable and shameful when we discuss money. Its time to feel proud, secure and in control. How can women feel more financial strength in their professional and personal lives? Try these 5 steps to building more financial self-confidence and power. 1) Take time to understand how the money is earned in your business. What services/products produce the greatest profit margin and by profit margin I dont mean what brings in the most money. I mean which service/product produces the most take home income for you! Which scenario is a better financial success? Scenario A: you sold $5,000 of Device A Scenario B: you sold $900 of Device B In scenario A, you can feel proud of the $5,000 revenue, however, lets look more closely: Device A sells for $100 but costs you $90 to make, distribute and market. You are

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