Month: August 2016

Women Helping Women

By Lisa P. Gaynier
August 29, 2016 Category: General

By: Lisa P. Gaynier In a succession of careers, as a business owner, as a consultant to Fortune 100 companies, and in my current role as the director of a Masters program in culturally competent leadership, the theme of womens workplace issues, women in leadership and women in power has been a potent one. Sorting out what works and whats real in the cacophony of voices is often difficult and is one reason why I stepped into an academic role after a career spent mostly in business. One thing on which the academic research is clear: societys notions of leadership tend to be male-centric and women adhere to these notions too. While many of us notice the double-standard used in characterizing women leaders, we may also be perpetuating those double standards ourselves in our judgments of women candidates for jobs, for promotions, etc. in our respective organizations. Another thing that I noticed is that women have organized around or within the silos of their organizations. Again, mirroring

Enhancing Your Financial Power

By Rebecca Bar-Shain
August 29, 2016 Category: General

Do you celebrate the money you earn? Or do you discount it by saying that was lucky. Women often have an unhealthy relationship with money. We are more inclined to feel stressed, uncomfortable and shameful when we discuss money. Its time to feel proud, secure and in control. How can women feel more financial strength in their professional and personal lives? Try these 5 steps to building more financial self-confidence and power. 1) Take time to understand how the money is earned in your business. What services/products produce the greatest profit margin and by profit margin I dont mean what brings in the most money. I mean which service/product produces the most take home income for you! Which scenario is a better financial success? Scenario A: you sold $5,000 of Device A Scenario B: you sold $900 of Device B In scenario A, you can feel proud of the $5,000 revenue, however, lets look more closely: Device A sells for $100 but costs you $90 to make, distribute and market. You are

A 3-Step Guide to Balance Busy Women

By Renda Moore Cline
August 22, 2016 Category: General

By Renda Moore Cline We all are given twenty-four hours each day. None of us are cheated of an hour or two. And nobody gets an extra five, because of a pressing issue. Theres a saying, If you want something done, ask a busy person. Well, as a very busy woman, I have been asked or, voluntold to do many things, both large and small. There was a time I felt I never had any free time and forget about me-time. That is because someone else needed me or expected me to do something for them. Sometime around the age of twenty-five, I had a revelation, epiphany, or an AHA moment. I realized my time and I was just as valuable as the next person. My 24-hours were given to me as a gift from God, the same as everyone else. The same way I needed to be a good steward of my money, I needed to me a good steward of my time. I knew I would never let anyone waste my money, so why would I let them waste my time? I had no problem telling people they couldnt use my money to throw into something that was wasteful.

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