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We're all trying to get there: professional success and personal happiness. We all want a piece of that pie.

Our experiences, backgrounds, societal perceptions, education, etc., all have a way of shaping our belief system and therefore our outcome. One voice doesn’t bring resolve to everyone. We need a mixture. Today, you have a mixture. Today we have a forum for every achieving woman.

Welcome to the Project Heard community! I’m excited that you’re here. I hope that you will subscribe, tells friends about us, and help us expand our efforts to women all over the world.

Project Heard is an interactive “NewsINFLUENCER” website that informs and promotes women. It’s a digital magazine for achieving women. Multi-stage professionals are checking in to explore, learn, connect, and share valuable information for career advancement and lifestyle awesomeness.

I wanted to build a resource that helps women not only chart success but helps us all prioritize our needs and pinpoint next moves in the professional arena and personal realm. I wanted a space that allows us the freedom to explore what’s working and what isn’t…and why.

It seems that these days you can’t talk about leadership without mentioning the word “balance”. People have written books about it and held lengthy forums and debates. The outcome? Well, after all of the chatter and research, the answer is still unclear to millions of working women.

Project Heard offers insightful content from women (and at times, men) from various stages in life and career. We will explore authentic testimonies from women who are open to sharing their steps toward a more balanced life and prosperous profession. What’s also important is that the women behind the blogs are all operating under the same purposeful intention: to inform and open a dialogue of substance.

Each month, we’ll bring you a number of new ideas from some outstanding thought leaders/writers/bloggers. Stay tuned to recurring posts from Christin Miller’s Blog: Roots & Wings and Ann Ruby’s Blog: From Fitness to Flight. We’re all eager to see how these emerging leaders will embrace change and unexpected victories.

Our content calendar is filled with subjects designed to help move us all to a more balanced, productive life: Business, Women in STEM, Inner Values, Emotional Intelligence, Finances, Management & Capability, Parenting & Promotions, Wellness and more.

We’ll be launching more on our sister conference: The Woman of Power Sustainability Leadership Conference 2017.

There is a lot going on here, and there should be, because we’re all reaching for greatness. Keep in touch and please do subscribe. If you’d like to blog with us, connect with us now, we’ll be back in touch soon. To inquire about Benefactor opportunities, click here.

A sincere thank you for stopping through and teaming up with us. Let’s make sure every woman in every corner of the world has heard of Project Heard. Let’s make sure we share the good news and do the good work…together.
Grateful to You,
CEO of Rising Media, LLC

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How do you tackle a complex problem? With all the help you can get.

By Sue Krey
February 12, 2018 Category: Leadership, Spotlight

Ending homelessness. That sounds like a lofty goal, doesnt it? Its an idea so complex that it doesnt seem like it can be done. However, at the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, weve already seen a drastic drop in the number of people experiencing long-term homelessness in our county. In fact, community partners recently announced that long-term homelessness in Cuyahoga County is on pace to end by 2020. How is that possible? For us, the key was recognizing that it couldnt be done alone. The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland addresses health, education and housing for vulnerable populations, and we rely heavily on our ability to convene, collaborate and be a voice at the table. We find community connection is just as important to our success as our grantmaking. So when we, along with others in the community, set our sights on ending homelessness in Cuyahoga County, we knew we needed to get strong community partners on the same team we needed collective impact. I know

Building Stronger Connections and Communities - A Call to Action

By Barb Smith
February 12, 2018 Category: Leadership, Spotlight

Networking. How can one word turn my knees to jelly and make my stomach flip flop? The mere sight of the word makes me ill. I hate networking. In my book its right up there with anchovies, cold calling and root canals. Not a fan. However, I do love people. I am always interested in learning more about them, their stories and what makes them tick. My kids will warn their friends before they introduce me with a roll of their eyes, Get ready to be grilled. Or let out a breathless sigh followed by, Oh, Mother Please. when I am in the midst of a particularly good line of questioning. Have you read the book Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham or taken its associated test to uncover your strengths? I have had the opportunity to take the test a couple of times in the past couple of decades and one thing has remained consistent- my towering strength is woo which stands for winning others over. Yep, I am the one who makes friends effortlessly, easily strikes up a conversation, and tries

Loving and Leading: Why You Should Bring More Love into the Workplace

By Raquel Eatmon
February 07, 2018 Category: Raquel

To handle yourself, use your head: To handle others use your heart. ~Eleanor Roosevelt We arecelebrating Valentines Day and love is in the air, or at least it should be. I know, it might seem awkward to talk about love and leadership but hear me out. Love, as most of us know it, is an expression we reserve for family (this includes our beloved pets) and friends. We excitedly embrace the warm and fuzzy feelings these people bring. Why cant we stir up warm emotions for our team and clients? Why wouldnt we want them to feel that same kinship for us? There are degrees of love. You can love one person more than others, you can experience romantic love or feel love for humanity- we all have so much love to give. A humanitarian love in the workplace can influence your leadership. It fosters compassion, integrity, empathy and a host of other healthy emotions. When your colleague feel a sense of love from you or a supervisor, she/he is more likely to transport caring feelings to others on the

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