Root and Wings

Defining the Line Between Fleeing and Flying

By Christin Miller
August 29, 2016 Category: Leadership

There a few absolutes that my mother has instilled in me from the beginning: Success is when preparation meets opportunity. You can do and be anything that you set your mind to. Character is something that you give yourself. While I think that #blessed is overused on social media as a way for people to humbly brag about themselves, I cant ignore the fact that I am truly blessed with parents that have given me a foundation of strength and support. My family is my rock my steady foundation. From them, I have grown deep roots in my faith, in unconditional love and in knowing that I am capable. This mindset has made me wildly independentand slightly stubborn. I can distinctly remember the moment in high school where I stated my independence. If I were writing a Broadway play on my life, this would be the Act 1 moment of foreshadowing. However, in reality and in typical teenager fashion, it was more a moment of defiance rather than a moment of glory, but never the less it set the

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