Month: March 2017

Women Powering STEM - Our Leadership Charge

By Karen Harper
March 06, 2017 Category: General

Things are changing but not fast enough. Women remain underrepresented in science and engineering workforce. While some entities of the workforce have become more diverse, still some minority groups continue to be disproportionately low. We want to change this. Weve got to change this. Were going to change this. At Woman of Power Conference we are working on that change. In April, a dynamic STEM panel will take to the conference stage with a unique perspective. Women representing three fields: Government, Industry and Academia will review and discuss the professional forecast of women in STEM. At Woman of Power Conference you will meet three women who will share their personal journey. You will hear from thee Ph.Ds, one in Educational Policy, one in Chemical Engineering, and one in Organic Chemistry. At Woman of Power Conference You will understand how eachof these women view their responsibility as a leader in STEM, as a mentor, and as a role model. Dr. Douglas, Dr. Perez-Davis, and

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