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One my favorite quotes is by Jim Tressel (the former OSU football coach turned college president): “On your best days, be great. On your worst days, be good. Every other day – get better!”

This is the same approach that I recommend for all those seeking leadership positions within our organization and for any community which they serve: be the best you can possibly be, day-in and day-out, and strive to get better tomorrow.

Though I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes, as someone who has built a career on advising clients on their risks, I know a bit about the barriers that can come between people and their goals.

My challenge for you is to stop and think about the real, authentic you-  not your job title or job description; but, rather, the passion in you that brought you to the job and what drives you to continue advancing in your career.

At Oswald Companies, we are not just in the business of risk and insurance consulting, we are in the business of guiding leaders to make the best decisions for themselves, their families, and their companies.

Bob Klonk Quote | Project HeardThe presence of genuine passion and motivation is contagious and can’t be imitated or argued. Successful leadership is not one-size-fits-all-  the sooner that we accept this truth, the more open we will all be to the world of new opportunities out there.

Our business community doesn’t need more leaders.  We need more leadership-  leadership bringing diversity of thought and talents to the table. Today’s emerging talents are rewriting the rules of career paths and organizational charts, creating their own paths to the leadership positions which have true meaning to their lives.

With today’s minority population now at 30% and growing, the successful leaders of tomorrow will have open ears to voices throughout their organization, learning from and advancing along with the audiences they serve. They will appreciate the opportunities that come in tackling an obstacle from a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Align yourself with the networks, opportunities, and people that already get it-  be the living, thriving, role model for those still on their way.

The need for you to lead is here, today. With your continued drive and commitment to sharing the real you each day, we can move from awareness to action and accomplish great things together.

I leave you with my 16-year-old daughter Gianna’s favorite quote: “You can make excuses or you can make things happen, but you can’t do both!”

I have no doubt my daughter will be a great future leader and, hopefully, she will have an outstanding mentor like you someday.

My best wishes for your continued success,

Bob Klonk

Bob Klonk is the Chief Executive Officer of Oswald Companies in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a supporter of leadership and helping others achieve.

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