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Lead. Learn. Leverage | Woman of Power ConferenceThe only person in the world who can create your life, in your time and in your way - is you. And that you must be your most authentic and genuine self, empowered by knowing and doing what only you can do best in the world. As you become more and more focused on the life and legacy you want to create and the person you want to become, you find clarity of purpose, renewed focus and energy and the motivation to re-invent to the next highest level of you.

This is a simple concept, but not an easy journey. Most of us need input and guidance along the way. We need new knowledge, understanding, vision and goals, and so much more. I can think of no better place to continue - or begin - this journey of self-development than at the Woman of Power Conference in Cleveland, Ohio on April 9-10, 2017

Woman of Power Conference Cleveland | 2017 WoPCWoman of Power Conference Cleveland | WoPC 2017

The Woman of Power Conference gives you an opportunity to focus on your growth, development, relationships, insights and success.

This is a conference like no other. Solely focused on the leadership development of women - from all professions, backgrounds, levels of career, positions, socioeconomics and demographics - the Woman of Power Conference offers a day and a half of emersion into the issues and challenges we face, as well as the opportunities and potential before us to thrive in an ever changing world.  This one and a half day Woman of Power Conference surrounds us with amazing women and men and their stories of both success and failure; brilliant and accomplished speakers;  a vast array of personal and professional development resources;  a platform of learning; and rich and robust networking that will continue well beyond the conference. 

The Woman of Power Conference will take you to new and powerful levels of Leadership, Sustaining Talent, Taking Action and creating your best self and best life. Discover (or re-discover) your passion, your purpose - your inspiration. Learn how to build a life and career aligned to your core values and authentic self. And then, discover the action necessary to make the impact you dream of on your life and the lives of others. Transformation and reinvention will be the result.

For more information on Woman of Power Conference and this movement click here.

See you there!


Roxanne Kaufman Elliott is President of ProLaureate, Author a certified facilitator/coach in several leadership and assessment programs and processes, and an award winning business/marketing strategist. Connect with her by visiting her website.

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The Peter Principle dates to 1969 and describes the folly of promoting someone based on past performance instead of the abilities needed for the new position. Its usually a shorthand for promoting people to the point of their incompetency. As an experienced sales person, Ive seen that what often makes a great sales person is not what makes a great sales manager. High performers focus on themselves, constantly adapting their strategies to reach their goals. The ability to self motivate helps sales people navigate the volatility in wins and losses yet remain focused and energized. High performing sales people often have characteristics such as confidence, resilience, independence, focus and optimism. Sales people who succeed have honed their specific skill set. A manager, on the other hand, is responsible for their team. They need to motivate and develop their team. Unless properly trained to manage diverse personalities, many sales managers coach and motivate their sales people in the

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I have heard the statement over the years, If you dont stand for something, youll fall for anything. This is usually meant to suggest that, at different points in life, you will be required to take a stand or declare your position on something even when it is difficult and may cost you something like family, friends, popularity, status, credibility, etc. I can recall several times in my life when I was required to make a decision as to whether I should or could stand, and if I was willing to pay the price either way. (This is a good place to remind you that every stand taken or not has a price associated with it.) As a teenager, my first major stand was to confront my boyfriend, who I had allowed to physically abuse me for several years. Ive often recounted that the choice was to continue to be abused or to stand up to him with the possibility that he could kill me. I chose to stand because to remain battered was no longer an option -- my future was worth the risk of death. My second

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Twenty years ago, AKHIA was founded by our fearless and dedicated leader, Jan Guisich, during a time when the business world was really dominated by men. Jan defied the gender bias every step of her journey, ultimately growing her two-person firm into an agency of more than 60 employees (talk about girl power!). Driven by her own experiences, some of which consisted of her being the only female in a room, she is passionate about sharing her story to empower other women. Jan was recently invited to be a panelist in Rising Medias Woman of Power Conference held in Cleveland, and we couldnt be more proud. We were lucky enough to represent the AKHIA team and attend to conference, soaking in the powerful stories from Jan and a number of other strong and successful community leaders. Here are the top 6 things we learned at the Woman of Power Conference: Realize that theres always a plan. MaryAnn Correnti, CFO for Heinens, kicked off the conference with a bold, engaging and unforgettable speech.

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