Author: Fatima Fahs

Women Medical Organizations are Still Relevant

By Fatima Fahs
August 29, 2016 Category: General

By Fatima Fahs Did you know that September is Women in Medicine Month? When I tell someone Im involved in the American Medical Womens Association (AMWA), my favorite response is, Are organizations like that still necessary? Its 2015. First, thanks for the clarification of what year we are in. Isnt it shocking that in 2015 women in medicine are still not equal to their male counterparts? And second, to answer your question: Yes, AMWA is extremely necessary in todays day and age. Allow me to explain why, after a brief history lesson. AMWA, established in 1915 by Dr. Bertha Van Hoosen, stands as the oldest multispecialty womens medical organization. At the time it was founded, women made up less than 6 percent of physicians. The organization served to connect these women to one another, mentor and help new physician graduates find work (by publishing lists of institutions that would actually consider hiring a woman). In World War I, the U.S. government called on physicians across the

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