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We don’t think the same so why should our leadership styles be the same?

It took me a while to figure it out. Early in my career as a television news broadcaster I felt pressure to fit into a box, follow the leader instead of find the leader…within myself. Perhaps some pressure was self-imposed, either way the problem was riding me and I would later learn, I wasn’t alone.

Over time we’ve been introduced to many leadership theories. The Great Man Theory debuted in the 1940’s and basically crushed the dreams of millions of people with limitations. The Great Man Theory wasn’t so great at all, it assumed that the traits of leadership are intrinsic- that great leaders are born.

We now know better. We’ve dismantled that theory because it isn’t true.

But what is true is that leadership can be taught and mastered. Each one of us have the power to transform our lives. We have a choice in reinventing ourselves. We have options, to accept mediocrity or go for the gold.

When I founded Woman of Power Conference several years ago, my intention was to build a space for women that helped them with work/life balance, one that would help them climb the corporate ladder or start a new business. I wanted to become your Wingman (or WingWoman).

With that partnership, it was also about discovering and managing  personal strength. I purposefully built the conference with a “mixer mentality”- so that we could mix and mingle with a wide range of women (and men) from different perspectives and backgrounds. One that was inclusive.

When we open up to different possibilities, unique opportunities follows.

My intention hasn’t changed. As your Wingman, at Woman of Power Conference 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll find a harmonious line up of speakers and panelists. Women and men dedicated to helping attendees develop leadership and sustain talent. We’re also opening up our challenge to Social Change with our opening Keynote, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Sister Rosemary.

Woman of Power Conference is a Multi-Professional conference where women gather from various fields including: industry, government, academia, and entrepreneurial. We are inclusive to all achieving women so that we accomplish greater success together.

Women in STEM fields will have an incredible opportunity to engage with the Woman of Power Conference.


Panelists are representing three entities: government, academia and industry.

STEM Panel for Woman of Power Conference | Project Heard

Imagine the knowledge that NASA Glenn Research Center’s Deputy Director, Dr. Marla Perez-Davis can share with attendees.

Case Western Reserve University’s Dr. Denise Douglas brings passion and compassion to the topic of Women in STEM.

Dr. Shreyasi Lahiri of The Lubrizol Corporation promises great talking-points that are genuine and reflective based on her career and passion to help others.

Karen Harper brings more than 30 years of STEM work to the table and leads the conversation on retaining and building women in STEM.

At Woman of Power Conference you’ll have access to other panels and breakout sessions. The Entrepreneur panel on Faith, Funding and Fortitude is dedicated to helping business owners develop and ready themselves for the road ahead.

Another important ingredient in leadership is mentoring. We’re gathering information and data from two Mentor / Mentee teams with a successful track record. Mentoring expert Alenka Winslett of College Now Greater Cleveland skillfully weighs in and leads the way.

Fostering Mentorship Panel for Woman of Power Conference | Project Heard

Join us, your Wingman at Woman of Power Conference in Cleveland. Let’s impact workplace culture, our communities and the world.

Entrepreneurial Panel at the Woman of Power Conference 2017 | Project Heard

Raquel Eatmon is the CEO of Rising Media LLC and Founder of Project Heard and Woman of Power Conference. She enjoys hiking and is a fan of cupcakes and breathing. RaquelEatmon.com Follow @RaquelEatmon

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